Dipont is a leading education services group in China. Driven by its mission to provide quality education that equips young people for success in an ever-changing world, Dipont has been a pioneer in the development and customization of international programs for Chinese students since the 1990s. Years of exploration partnered with experimentation have given Dipont a rich insight into China's K-12 educational landscape and a unique and innovative approach. Partnering with schools, communities and international organizations, Dipont now operates a variety of school-based, after-school and exchange programs, from kindergarten to 12th grade, to help students grow into critical thinkers, creative inquirers, responsible world citizens, and above all, happy individuals.

Dipont's operations are organized into four divisions:
Operation of Independent Schools
Dipont provides all-round operational support to independent schools. Services include: education investment consulting, resource planning, project blueprinting, program and curriculum design, recruitment and management of expatriate teaching staff, academic quality control and day-to-day operational management.
International High School Programs
Dipont provides all-in-one solutions to high schools interested in offering international programs, which include: the introduction and localization of international curricula, recruitment and management of expatriate teachers, academic quality management, school-based admissions counseling and related consulting services. Dipont now supports a network of 34 well-regarded A-Level, AP and IBDP centers across 17 cities in China.
ENREACH International Education
ENREACH International Education provides after-school programs and education services for students. Its offerings include academic planning, enrichment courses, extra-curricular programs, study abroad, test preparation and college admissions counseling. ENREACH endeavors to open more doors for its students in a globally connected society.
Inspired by its vision to break boundaries in education, Dipont strives to extend quality learning opportunities to a broad student base through innovation, high-impact partnerships and entrepreneurial spirit. In 2011, Dipont started WE-World Education, a bilingual magazine and forum for high school students with a focus on international education. In 2012, Dipont launched a National High School Academic Debate Tournament with the support fromthe National Speech & Debate Association in the U.S. and other visionary organizations from home and abroad, to combat application fraud and promote equitable access to American higher education.
In the years to come, Dipont will continue to lead the way in offering quality international programs, engage partners and stakeholders in meaningful dialogue about education, and ultimately drive positive changes in China's K-12 sector.