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  • IBDP Coordinator (with TOK)

    Our international curriculum center at Ningbo Xiaoshi High School is seeking an IBDP Coordinator (with TOK) for an August 2020 start.

    Main responsibilities of the IBDP Coordinator (with TOK):

    • Administer all internal and external examinations for International Baccalaureate Diploma students.
    • Receive materials from the IBO and ensure it is copied/forwarded as appropriate to staff.
    • Advise staff of impending deadlines for coursework requirements for IB examinations and arrange the dispatch of such materials to the appropriate destination. This will also involve the completion of associated forms.
    • Manage the entry of all students for external examinations in accordance with procedures laid down by the various boards.
    • Be a source of advice and support for staff on aspects of exam administration.
    • Advise the center principal on significant changes to examination syllabi that might have implications for future training or staffing.
    • Arrange for the collation of IB assessment reports on students.
    • Meet individually with IB students to discuss their performance.
    • Liaise with other staff in response to concerns about the performance of IB students.
    • Contribute to the completion of university applications on behalf of IB students in association with the counseling team.
    • Design and manage the induction program for students joining the IB Diploma program.
    • Design and manage induction for staff new to the IB program.
    • Prepare students for embarking on the Extended Essay.
    • Allocate supervisors and provide guidance to them on how to fulfill their duties.
    Recruitment fraud warning

    We have become aware of fraudsters offering fake contracts under our name and requesting ‘admin’ or ‘visa processing fees’ from prospective candidates. Be assured that we will never ask for payment from candidates at any stage of the recruitment process. You will never be offered a contract without completing at least one interview, either in person or via an online video call. If you think you have been contacted by a fake recruiter, or would like to verify any information you have received, please contact oliver.knapman@dipont.com or call (+86) 21 6190 7081 (ext. 6137).