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  • Speech and Debate Specialist

    The National Speech and Debate Association, one of Dipont Education’s key partners, is seeking a speech and debate specialist.

    The position

    Reporting directly to the academic director, the speech and debate specialist is responsible for supporting the business development, league operations and curriculum development teams. Speech and debate specialists are key members of the Academic Department. A speech and debate specialist will represent NSDA China through offline and online training and seminars with students, teachers, judges or coaches. They will also represent NSDA China at promotional events and tournaments all around China. The speech and debate specialist will also develop curriculum for NSDA China products. Fluency in the Chinese language is not a necessity for this position, but strong communication skills are a must.

    About NSDA China

    The National Speech and Debate Association was created in 1925 to provide recognition and support for students participating in speech and debate activities. NSDA is the world’s largest honor society devoted to speech and debate activities, and bestows numerous awards and recognition to students, coaches and schools. NSDA envisions a world in which every student has access to membership in the National Speech and Debate Association, providing the educational resources, competitive opportunities and expertise necessary to foster their communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creative skills.

    NSDA China, as the exclusive NSDA affiliation in mainland China, was created in 2012 in partnership with Dipont, and oversees the National Speech and Debate program in China. NSDA China is devoted to promoting and supporting academic speech and debate in mainland China. We host tournaments, organize both domestic and international workshops, support speech and debate programs within schools, as well as organize teams of students to compete in tournaments worldwide. NSDA China boasts 20,000 individual members. During the 2018-19 academic year more than 10,000 students from over 500 international and local high schools in China competed in our speech and debate tournaments.

    The ideal candidate

    NSDA China is seeking a collaborative and resourceful person to join the Academic Department to help grow and spread speech and debate all over China. The ideal candidate is a speech and debate professional who wants to grow their career and skill set outside of just traditional coaching skills or a professional educator with curriculum development experience who believes in the NSDA China mission. The ideal candidate will have several traits and experiences that will translate into greater success for the Academic Department:

    • Must be self-motivated. Guidance and training will come from an experienced leadership team, but the ideal candidate is one that will have the initiative to seek out new business development opportunities and spearhead new projects.
    • Collaboration is a must. The Academic Department is involved in many projects that are shared with other departments in NSDA China. The ideal candidate will be able to communicate effectively with team members in order to ensure the best possible results for projects.
    • Must have knowledge of and experience with speech and debate competitions. Specific experience with NSDA competitions is not necessary but in order to perform their duties in this role the ideal candidate must become familiar with how NSDA competitions operate.
    • Must be open to travel. NSDA China holds tournaments throughout the year all over China. NSDA China team members may be required to attend these tournaments from time to time. We also provide training and support to programs throughout China.
    • Strong communication skills are needed in sharing information with staff, making presentations to existing and potential NSDA members, providing training, providing support and crafting excellent written products.
    • Proficient in using computer software and apps such as Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, Google Drive, WeChat, Zoom etc.

    For qualified candidates the position could require teaching speech and debate classes from time to time.

    Required qualifications
    • At least three years’ relevant teaching or coaching experience in speech and debate
    • Bachelor’s degree
    • Eligible for work visa
    • Passion for education, speech and debate
    • Strong presentation skills
    • Flexibility and ability to adapt to change
    Preferred qualifications
    • Master’s degree in education, communications or another relevant field
    • HSK level one or higher
    • ESL teaching experience
    • Experience living and working in China