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  • Statement on the coronavirus outbreak (2020.02.06)

    Thursday 6 Feb 2020

    As China and the world manage the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, Dipont Education, like many countless organizations, is working hard to ensure the safety of our staff and students. As the situation continues, we are in constant communication with our staff both in and outside China, most of whom continue to carry out their work remotely while travel and working restrictions are in place.

    Members of the Dipont senior management team are meeting every day through teleconferencing to conduct business and we are following the latest government guidance. We continue to work to recruit new teachers to join us in August 2020 and are supporting them in any questions they might have. Our schools and curriculum centers have postponed their opening dates and set up virtual classrooms so that, from this coming Monday, thousands of students and their teachers can “meet” online to begin the new semester’s classes. We are determined to ensure children’s ongoing learning suffers minimal disruption.

    We continue to monitor the situation closely and are updating staff, students and parents as things develop and government guidance is issued. We are firmly committed to ensuring the safety of our community and remain confident that current challenges can be overcome through cooperation, collaboration and understanding.