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  • Dipont welcomes new VP for human resources

    Wednesday 17 Jun 2020

    Vivian Wu, VP for Human ResourcesVivian Wu has joined Dipont Education as its new VP for human resources (HR). Originally from Shanghai, Vivian studied English linguistics and literature at Shanghai International Studies University. Before joining Dipont, she worked for several multinational companies, including Siemens, Wall Street English and Mahle. Her HR career has spanned 20 years and covered a range of industries from healthcare, automotive, information communication, automation and education, amongst others.

    Welcome to Dipont Vivian! What attracted you to join us?

    Thank you, it’s a pleasure to join the company! Education has been always at the top of my list of industry preferences for work. I believe in what education does in providing people with possibilities and maximizing their potential. On a personal level, I’m a mother of three children and learning has always been a part of my life as I’ve watched and helped them grow.

    I believe that a good educational system is extremely important and that children should have the best learning environment possible. Dipont has been very focused on and dedicated to internationalized education. In addition, the company has contributed greatly to the development of education in China. I was attracted by Dipont’s attitude of always pursuing the best and I believe with a great educational program the company will be able to contribute even further in China’s overall standard of education.

    What will be the main priorities in your new role?

    My role is to develop appropriate people strategies to support the growth of the company. My priorities are to listen and understand the people here and to see what I can do to make their job easier to perform. I want to support employees in their growth and enable them to realize their potential so that they feel motivated and happy to work at Dipont.

    What do you see as the greatest opportunities for education in China?

    China has been always active and supportive of globalization and has long played an important role in it. In our interconnected world, there is a great need for talented workers with international educational backgrounds and intercultural experience. This requires education in China (both the system and the people) to have a global view and understanding. On the other side, China has been very successful at the foundation stage. Thus education companies need to succeed at integrating international education into the current Chinese educational system in order to have the best chance of winning the market. For students and parents, China’s buoyant education system means they have abundant resources to select from although they will also require a good understanding and research skills in order to choose wisely.

    What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

    I love nature, traveling and spending time with my family. Whenever we have the chance, we travel to different places where the children can get the touch with nature, understand other local cultures, have some adventures and learn new skills. Exploring the world is just such an amazing journey!

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