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  • Teacher of Primary – Grade 1

    Xi’an Gaoxin Qian Xuesen No. 2 Primary School is seeking to appoint three- Grade 1 Primary teacher, for an August 2021 start.

    Dipont Education is proud to partner with Xi’an Gaoxin Qian Xuesen No. 2 Primary School to introduce the new Innovative Bilingual Learning (IBL) programme. For August 2021, we are seeking three experienced primary teachers who are able to teach English and one other subject: Physical Education (PE), Music, and Art.

    About the Innovative Bilingual Learner Programme

    Between Grades 1 through 9, government regulations require that Chinese students complete all components of the mandatory Chinese curriculum.

    The IBL programme aims to take this concept and curriculum framework across to other schools from Grade 1 through Grade 9. We are opening our first programme with a cohort of Grade 1 students in the wonderful city of Xi’an

    Expatriate teachers will teach PE, art, music and English with bilingual teacher support. Chinese teachers will teach humanities, maths, Chinese and science classes. Learning and development will go beyond the classroom through a full range of co-curricular activities (CCA) led by teaching staff. The programme will offer more than 20 CCA courses in various sports, music and art activities, extra foregn language learning courses and other student clubs.

    About the School

    Founded in 2020, Xi’an Gaoxin Qian Xuesen No. 2 Primary School (QXS No. 2) is a new build private school located in the Hi-tech Zone in Xi’an.

    QXS No. 2 is the first school in the province approved to be named after renowned scientist, Qian Xuesen, a widely recognised Chinese engineer and research scientist, founder of engineering cybernetics and aerospace science in China. The school aims to emulate Mr. Qian’s spirit of discovery and innovation.

    The planned student capacity of QXS No. 2 is 1600 and the school has enrolled 270 grade 1 students in its first year. The designed teacher- student ratio is 1:2.

    The extensive campus has buildings for teaching, science subjects and a multi-purpose building. This is equipped with a science laborator, a computer laboratory and classrooms for art, tea art, ceramics and calligraphy. There are also studios for dance and music, a choir hall and a wind orchestra hall.

    In addition, there are 10,000 square metres of sports field, indoor basketball courts, a multimedia lecture hall, library, language village, counselling office, a TV studio, a recording and broadcast studio, dining hall and a 500-seat theatre.


    • PGCE or equivalent, preferred.
    • At least two or more years plus experience teaching lower primary
    • Ability to teach ESL+ one other subject: PE, Music or Art as well as co-curricular activities.
    • Good command of classroom management and intercultural communication skills to work with a bilingual co-teacher.