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  • Nanjing Senior High School of Jiangsu Province

    Nanjing High School of Jiangsu Province was established in 1882 and is steeped in rich history, with an incredible campus that houses artifacts related to its origins.

    International programs offered:

    About the international center 

    The international department has its own main building, with a reception area, assembly room, conference room and classrooms. There are already plans to create a new purpose-built building for the international center. The center’s vision, which is mirrored by the leadership of the main school, is to develop students to acquire skills that will help them in their further studies internationally whilst retaining their Chinese values.

    Students from the main school also use the international department to gain insight into international teaching and at times seek the advice of international teachers for projects they are doing.

    Life at the center

    The school’s beautiful campus has a reading area overlooking a stream, a huge clock tower, a stadium and many other places to stroll through.

    More about the partner school

    Nanjing High School of Jiangsu Province is located around 20 minutes from downtown Jiangyin, a county-level city on the southern bank of the Yangtze River.  

    The school has more than 200 teachers and 2,000 students. Students board at school during the week and return to their family homes on the weekend. They have highly demanding timetables which, aside from their international subjects, include evening study sessions with their homeroom teachers.

    With this level of commitment, the students are some of the most conscientious and professional students you will ever have the pleasure of teaching. They are focused on the common goal of the department and the wider school and are a pleasure to be in the company of whether it is as their teacher, mentor, or volunteer in school events.

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