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    NFLS British Columbia Academy (NFLS-BCA) was founded in 2002 and provides secondary education as a Canadian offshore high school in China.

    The school is accredited by Canada’s British Columbia Ministry of Education and by the Jiangsu Ministry of Education.

    British Columbia Academy at NFLS has earned and maintained a very strong reputation. This is due to the high academic achievement of NFLS-BCA students and the successful placement of previous NFLS-BCA graduates into top universities in Canada and elsewhere.


    A drama performance at NLFS British Columbia Academy
    Students at NFLS British Columbia Academy

    International programs offered:

    About the school

    NFLS British Columbia Academy concentrates on academic knowledge, as well as on values and leadership, offering an education that includes social development and citizenship. NFLS-BCA blends the traditional values of the Chinese education system with the values and methods of Canadian education.

    NFLS-BCA offers the British Columbia curriculum. All Canadian classes are taught in English by certified teachers and the school uses an ‘English only’ policy in classrooms and hallways during school hours. NFLS-BCA is a certified AP center and currently offers two AP courses.

    Students are encouraged to be involved in a wide variety of co-curricular activities and are required to complete a minimum 30 hours of community service per school year.

    Life at the center

    The school is close to transport links, such as the metro, and is located near the center of bright, vibrant Nanjing. It is surrounded by restaurants from many countries of the world. If you really feel a bit homesick there is even Costa, Starbucks, KFC and McDonalds nearby.

    Teachers enjoy a good standard of off-campus accommodation. Most teachers choose to live close to the school or towards the eastern edge of the city. There is a good gym and a 50 meter indoor pool near the school.

    Nanjing is a very pleasant place to live, although it can get blisteringly hot in summer and very cold in winter. The city has many parks, lakes and mountains and you can get to Shanghai in just over the hour by high-speed train, should you want a change of scene.

    “BCA is more than a school – it has given me the opportunity to become not just a great student but a great person.”

    – Nina, student

    “NFLS British Columbia Academy strives for excellence both in the classroom and in the variety of extracurricular programs offered at the school. NFLS-BCA’s learning culture is supportive yet challenging and ultimately leads to impressive student achievement at BCA and elsewhere.”

    – Theodore Johnson, teacher

    More about the partner school

    NFLS-BCA is housed on the main campus of Nanjing Foreign Languages School (NFLS or Nanwai), which was founded by the first premier of the People’s Republic of China, Zhou Enlai, in 1963. It has approximately 4,000 students, ranging from 12 to 19 years old.

    NFLS emphasizes teaching that is “strict, careful, creative and flexible”. The school produces multi-talented graduates who have a good command of foreign languages with a wide knowledge of science and art, and powerful abilities to integrate these subjects.

    Many acknowledge NFLS as the best high school in Nanjing. Students must apply through a lottery process in order to sit the entrance exam. Approximately 700 students per year are admitted to junior grade from an initial applicant pool of over 4,000.

    Every year, top universities in China and around the world admit large numbers of NFLS students. The school is consistently ranked first in Jiangsu province for the national university matriculation tests. Many school graduates go on to have high-profile careers and the school has educated about 200 Chinese diplomats, ambassadors, general consulates, and party and state leaders.

    Situated across two sites, the main campus accommodates approximately 3,400 students, 500 of whom live on campus as boarders. The second campus accommodates around 700 students and houses the Dipont Education international center.

    Facilities are modern, with data projectors and internet and networking facilities in every room. Laboratories are good and classrooms are bright and airy with air-conditioning. Both campuses have good sporting facilities, including artificial running tracks and playing courts, gymnasiums and basketball courts. 

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