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    Shenzhen Foreign Languages School is an elite school in Shenzhen that has a strong academic focus.

    International programs offered:

    About the international center 

    The international center was established in 2010 and offers Advanced Placement and A-level programs. It teaches around 240 Year Two and Three students (i.e. juniors and seniors).

    The A.P. classes taught are: economics, history, physics, calculus, statistics, environmental science and chemistry. Literature in English is also taught to all students. Since 2014 the center has offered Cambridge A-level courses and exams to a small cohort of students, currently offering full A-levels in mathematics, economics, physics and chemistry.

    The center has a computer lab, a classroom for each class and well-equipped science labs. There are many after-school clubs run by the host school and a high level of collegiality among teachers.

    Center students are generally extremely polite and friendly and will work hard for a competent and motivating teacher. Their English abilities range from adequate to excellent. All want to attend college abroad, the majority in the United States (although those who choose A-level tend to want to study in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Canada or Australia). Teachers should be prepared to plan challenging and interesting lessons, and show that they care about their students’ learning. 

    Life at the center

    The biggest challenge of working at the center is being a small part of a large Chinese high school. Adapting to the main school’s policies, schedules and procedures requires patience and flexibility. However, a teacher’s daily work isn’t greatly affected by the main school and the main school principal and center director are very supportive of the center and its teachers.

    The school will help new teachers find an apartment when they arrive, although many choose to do so on their own. A Dipont minibus will pick teachers up from certain housing compounds, while other teachers who live near school take public buses to and from work.

    “Being part of the A.P. family is one of the most intelligent choices I have made. Through studying on this program I have developed my teamwork skills, since we often have to work in small groups on projects. Also, I have gotten accustomed to the western style of teaching, which will help me with my college studies in the U.S.”

    Sophie, student

    “The hard work and dedication of the students at Shenzhen Foreign Language School make teaching here a true pleasure. The center is located about 20 minutes from downtown and a school van is provided for teachers who wish to live there.”

    Helmut, teacher

    More about the partner school

    Shenzhen Foreign Language School (SFLS) has around 2,700 students. The atmosphere at the school is orderly and conservative, but not strict, and students in general respect the school and are aware of the opportunity of attending such a high-level institution.

    The spacious, well-landscaped campus is located at one end of Shenzhen, removed from the noise and traffic of the city center. It is set at the base of a green mountain range.

    Classrooms have basic technology, but science labs are well-equipped. All classrooms and labs are air-conditioned.

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