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    Friday 30 Dec 2022

    Dipont Education is seeking a Secondary School Principal (A-level) to join our high school program at Wuxi No. 1 High School, a beautifully appointed and historically significant campus in Jiangsu Province. In this role, you will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the high school, ensuring a safe and supportive learning environment for

    Friday 30 Dec 2022

    Dipont Education is seeking a Physics Teacher (AP) to join our high school program at Wuxi Jiangsu Tianyi High school, a well-regarded and extremely attractive campus in Jiangsu Province.  The Physics teacher will be responsible for teaching AP Physics 1 to our students, who are seeking entrance at some of the top Universities in the

    Tuesday 27 Dec 2022

    Dipont Education is seeking an English and Economics teacher (A-level) to join our high school program at Dalian No. 24 High School. This is the top high school in Liaoning province.

    Friday 16 Dec 2022

    Faye Barras,  Physics Teacher at Zhenhai High School, has won the inaugural Most Outstanding Panel Member award in 2022 for her work in the Dipont High School Programme Science Subject Panel.

    Thursday 27 Oct 2022

    Wuxi Dipont School of Arts and Science & King’s College International School, Wuxi will host an online recruitment open day on Saturday, November 5th, 2022.

    Friday 16 Sep 2022

    Wuxi Tianyi High School has been awarded first place in the 3rd Annual Dipont Science Olympics. 12 schools and over 100 students across China took part in a 5-month journey into exploration, discovery and the scientific process. The theme was “Science solutions to the world’s problems”.

    Thursday 28 Jul 2022

    As a College Counselor in the College Admissions Counseling Service (CACS) team at Dipont Education, Anne Meredith helps students to clarify and pursue their academic interests and serves as a mentor and inspiration for students throughout the college application process.

    Wednesday 27 Apr 2022

    Ally Chen has worked with Dipont since 2019. Currently Head of Grade at RDFZ King’s College School Hangzhou, she has impressive experience in teacher training and support.