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  • Fake teaching contracts: 3 tips to avoid scams

    Wednesday 28 Aug 2019
    It’s a sad reality that there are people out there who will try to scam teachers by offering them fake teaching contracts. These fake contracts are often in the name of reputable companies like Dipont Education or one of our schools.

    So how can you spot and avoid these scams? Oliver Knapman, senior recruitment manager for the Dipont independent schools, explains how.

    I’ve had a couple of people contact me recently about contracts that I’ve supposedly offered them that have turned out to be fake. It’s an old scam where ‘recruiters’ offer legitimate-looking contracts to candidates and then charge an ‘admin’ or ‘visa processing fee’ before disappearing, never to be heard from again.

    I wanted to write something warning people about these con artists posing as recruiters and to give three simple tips on how to spot fake contract offers:

    1. We will never ask you to pay us fees for recruitment 

    When working with legitimate Dipont Education recruiters, we will never ask you for a fee for recruitment. If a recruiter claiming to be from Dipont asks you for money, you can be sure they’re a fraudster. 

    2. You will never be offered a contract without being interviewed

    Dipont would never offer any teacher a contract without completing at least one interview either in person or via video call. These interviews will usually be done by a center or school head or principal. 

    3. We only use official company email addresses

    Our recruiters and support staff only communicate through official @dipont (or @dipont-edu.org) email addresses. We don’t use Gmail, Hotmail or any other non-Dipont email clients to communicate with potential teachers. 

    So, there you are. Three simple tips for spotting a recruitment con artist to avoid falling for their fake teaching contracts.

    If you think you have been contacted by a fake recruiter, or would like to verify any information you have received, please do contact me on oliver.knapman@dipont.com or call (+86) 21 6190 7081 (ext. 6137). 

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