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    Tuesday 28 Apr 2020
    As life in China starts to return to normal after coronavirus, schools in the country – including Dipont Education’s curriculum centers and independent schools – are actively recruiting international teachers.

    Containment of COVID-19 in China has gone very well and after many months of online teaching, schools are beginning to reopen. While there are ongoing, temporary measures in place to limit a recurrence of the virus, all signs indicate that the recruitment of international teachers will remain a priority for the country.

    So, if that news alone wasn’t enough, there are also many other reasons why China is a great destination when considering your next teaching role.

    You’re in demand

    The number of teaching jobs in China is extensive, as the number of bilingual schools is increasing greatly. Dipont, for example, has independent schools in Hangzhou, Wuxi and, soon, Kunshan, which all require teachers. A growing demand for high-quality internationalized education means that schools in China require a steady supply of experienced teachers from overseas. And with recent events, that demand is only going to increase in the coming months.

    Competitive packages

    Salary and benefits packages in China remain some of the most competitive in the world. Disposable and savable income is extremely high. All teaching packages include housing allowance or provide nice apartments on- or off-campus for their international teachers. Not having to use your salary for rent frees up your already generous salary for the other things you desire. Packages with Dipont also include flight allowances and health insurance which further frees up your money.

    Travel opportunities

    Coronavirus may have affected global travel, but under normal circumstances, tourism in China is booming. Airlines often have unbelievable travel deals for international weekends away or your long summer or winter breaks, enabling you to unwind and enjoy the finer things in life. If you’ve always dreamed of exploring China and its 57 ethnicities and cultures, travel inside of the country is also extremely easy and accessible. The high-speed gaotie trains connect almost every corner of the land in super-fast time – for example, you can travel the 1,000km from Beijing to Shanghai in under five hours!

    Safe to live

    China is a very safe country in which to live. Crime rates are low and large cities are safe to walk around, even late at night. Chinese people are friendly and welcoming to foreigners. Dipont employs a large number of international staff, many of whom have chosen to make China their home over several years or even decades.

    Learn Mandarin

    Being an educator means being a lifelong learner, so naturally, China is the best place in which to learn the most widely used language in the world – Mandarin. With the growth of China and Asia on the global stage, learning Mandarin is a great investment in yours, or your children’s, futures. With Dipont, you’ll work with and alongside Chinese staff so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice your fledgling language skills!

    Excellent work-life balance

    Education is one of China’s most important sectors, and students and parents very much value educators. Many of Dipont’s teaching jobs don’t require weekend working (unless you run an extracurricular) and your evenings are free for your own interests. Furthermore, students in China tend to be very respectful of their teachers and classroom behavior is generally excellent, so you spend less time being stressed and feeling overburdened.

    Well-equipped schools

    Classrooms in our independent schools are very high-tech and have integrated cutting-edge tools and programs. Coupled with this, they also have excellent resources, top-class sports and science facilities, and state-of-the-art performance venues, meaning you will have everything you need to create excellent learning opportunities for students.

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