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    • English use widespread
    • International-standard hospitals and clinics
    • Local hospitals and clinics
    • International schools
    • Western-style restaurants
    • High-speed train station
    • Metro system
    • Large expat community
    • Opportunities for learning Mandarin
    • Airport
    • Shopping malls
    • International grocery stores

    Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang province and is often referred to as one of the most beautiful cities in China due to its stunning central lake and surrounding tea plantation countryside.

    Hangzhou combines both a beautiful environment with a long, vibrant culture. It is extremely safe and its clean and pleasant living environment has received many civic awards.

    Once an ancient capital city of China, Hangzhou remains a center for international exchange and trade, specializing in commodities such as silk production and tea harvesting. It is also famed within China as the birthplace and headquarters of technology giant, Alibaba.

    We have job opportunities available in Hangzhou on our high school programs and in our independent school, RDFZ King’s College School, Hangzhou.

    Urban center surrounded by greenery

    The city is undergoing rapid development and modernization, becoming easier to navigate as its bus and metro systems grow. It also has one of the largest bike-share systems in China. Smaller than neighboring Shanghai, Hangzhou remains a metropolitan center surrounded by greenery and majestic landscapes, but with easy access to other cities around China.

    The historic West Lake is the heart of the city, surrounded by a vast range of historic buildings, art galleries, exhibitions, entertainment and shopping. Extensive tea plantations, which lie to the west of West Lake, are famous for producing Dragon Well green tea and are wonderful for hiking and relaxing among greenery.

    Famous local dishes and regional Chinese and international foods are ample and easy to find. The city’s many malls provide all the shopping opportunities a resident could need.


    In my free time I like to explore Hangzhou’s hidden neighborhoods, the out-of-sight places usually only locals go to. I like to play badminton and squash, and ride my bicycle. I love conversations with students and friends about differences between eastern and western cultures.

    Thomas, teacher, Hangzhou No. 14 Secondary School

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