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  • I’ve learnt a lot about the Chinese educational system, which has given me a deeper perspective of the context in which I’m working.

    Randall Crismond

    IB Coordinator
    High School Affiliated to Renmin University

    You’re one of our longest-serving teachers…

    I’ve been at The High School Affiliated to Renmin University in Beijing for almost 12 years now, mainly because there have been so many different pathways for my career. As the center has expanded, the opportunity for advancement has grown along with it, and I’ve been lucky enough to hold many different roles within the same center. Because I’ve been there for so long, I have been able to develop a really good relationship with the Chinese members of staff, and I’ve learnt a lot about the Chinese educational system and about the school itself, which has given me a deeper perspective of the context in which I’m working.

    Is your career progression reflective of the opportunities available with Dipont generally?

    Yes, I think it is. Dipont is opening up new schools, while international curriculum centers are always expanding and developing. Teachers really have the opportunity to grow as their school grows or as Dipont as a company develops. Career progression is definitely encouraged and many times schools are building along with the staff. Education is a growth market in China and the opportunities teachers have with Dipont are reflective of this.

    What’s been a highlight of the past 12 years?

    I’ve been able to contribute to China’s review of its national curricula. The school where my center is based is a nationally recognized school and is running a lot of pilot and test programs. Last year, I was given the opportunity to run the I.B. course, Theory of Knowledge, for a select group of students as part of these pilot programs. The chance to contribute towards the national curricula review through teaching a subject that I’m very passionate about was definitely a career highlight for me. I had this opportunity because I’ve been at the center for a long time, built good relationships with colleagues and developed my career as education in China has developed.

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