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    Vivian Wu, VP for Human Resources
    Dipont welcomes new VP for human resources
    Wednesday 17 Jun 2020

    Vivian Wu has joined Dipont Education as its new VP for human resources (HR). Originally from Shanghai, Vivian studied English linguistics and literature at Shanghai International Studies University. Before joining Dipont, she worked for several multinational companies, including Siemens, Wall Street English and Mahle. Her HR career has spanned 20

    A teacher in front of whiteboard speaks to a class of Chinese students sitting in rows of desks
    What it’s like teaching Chinese students in China
    Wednesday 17 Jul 2019

    Every year, we recruit hundreds of international teachers to teach on our international high school programs, which offer A-level, Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate programs to Chinese high school students. But what is it actually like teaching Chinese students in China? We give you the low-down. What is the traditional

    What it’s like to live in Xi’an, China
    Wednesday 20 Mar 2019

    Bhrigu Deka is the center principal of the Dipont Education international center at Xi’an Gaoxin No.1 High School. He has lived in China since 2004 but settled in Xi’an with his wife and young son in 2015. Here, he talks about what it’s like to live in Xi’an, one of

    11 reasons why you should teach in China
    Tuesday 5 Mar 2019

    Are you a curious and adventurous educator with a love for travel? Do you have a desire to experience life in a very different culture while still maintaining and developing your career? If so, you should consider taking the opportunity to teach in China. Leaving your home country, your family

    Benson Zhang talks about schools of the future at a conference
    Establishing schools of the future: Dipont CEO shares his views
    Tuesday 20 Nov 2018

    Benson Zhang, CEO of Dipont Education, shared his thoughts on developing ‘schools of the future’ at a conference. In the keynote speech, Zhang drew on Dipont’s experiences of establishing and managing two brand-new independent schools in China. He was speaking at the RAISE International Education Resources Expo held in Shanghai.