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    Wednesday 2 Nov 2022

    Amy Loveday-Hu, Head of Kindergarten at Wuxi Dipont School of Arts and Science, believes that Early Years education can make a very real difference to people’s lives.

    Saturday 15 Oct 2022

    Dipont Education is seeking a Mathematics Teacher (A-level) to join our high school program at Chengdu Shishi High School, a top-ranking school in Sichuan Province, China, with roots leading back to ancient times.

    Saturday 15 Oct 2022

    Dipont Education is seeking an Economics / Business Studies Teacher (A-level) to join our high school program at Wuxi No. 1 High School, a beautifully appointed and historically significant campus in Jiangsu Province.

    Friday 14 Oct 2022

    Dipont Education is seeking an Economics Teacher (A-level) join our high school programat Zhenhai High School, Ningbo, one of the most sought after and well respected schools in Zhejiang Province.

    Friday 9 Sep 2022

    Teacher’s Day and Mid-Autumn Festival fall on the same day in 2022! What better time to get into some moon cakes and read about one of Dipont’s longest serving teachers?

    Friday 8 Jul 2022

    Now is the perfect time for your career revival in China. If you are an excellent teacher coming from an ESL background, and if you have the ability, the determination and willingness to learn, Dipont Education has opportunities for you to take your teaching to the next level.

    Tuesday 28 Jun 2022

    Damon Hou began a Teaching Fellows program at Dipont Huayao Collegiate School, Kunshan, in 2019. Three years later he is thriving as a local teacher on the rise.

    Thursday 16 Jun 2022

    In ten years Mark Jacobson has transitioned from being an ESL teacher to coordinating dynamic, student-centered curriculum at the cutting edge of 21st century learning

    Thursday 2 Jun 2022

    The Dragon Boat Festival is upon us again: a time when the humidity rolls in and the mosquitos arrive, and when suddenly triangles of sticky rice are the snack of choice.